Given Names Pepi and Betti #hungary


Hello Everyone:

This question concerns the names Peppi/Pepi, and Betti.

Were these given (at birth) names, or, were they nicknames for Josefina and
Erzibet respectively?

Please advise.

Alfred J. Holzman


Holzman: Turcianske RUDNO, Kremnice, Rajec, Banova, Slovakia,

Trostler: Bela, Slovakia

Kohn: Laclava/Laszofalva, Slovakia

Reichert: Suchany, Slovakia

Guttman: Nyirmada, Kisvarda, and Vaja (Szabolcs Megye) Hungary

Winkler: Nyirmada

Guttman: Kassa/Kosice, Slovakia

Weingarten: Kassa/Kosice, Slovakia and Khust, Hungary

Ligety/Ligeti: Kassa/ Kosice

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