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Concerning diminutives Pepi and Betti, were the people in question born in Hungary? If so, most European countries, including Hungary, have some form of the Napoleonic naming codes, an official body that maintains a list of names that can be used to name children, including the banning of names that are too diminutive. Emperor Napoleon had very decisive views on the giving of 'ridiculous names' to children, obviously, and set down laws governing the practice. Diminutive forms, like Bobby for Robert, are seen as childish and limiting and social studies bear that out. But parents do like to do what they wish so those who were born in other countries where such laws did not exist or were not enforced may have given diminutive forms as formal given names. My daughters have the middle names Mariska, Annuska and Elluska. All named after deceased family members and perfectly legal where they were born in England but their Hungarian-Czech grandmother is very disapproving as they're not 'real' names, had they been born in Hungary they'd have had to been Maria, Anna and Gabriella.

Diminutive forms are called becenÊv in Hungary, formal given names are called keresztnev. Pepi/Peppi is a diminutive of Jozefa, Jozefina, Jozsa so that's pretty simple. Betti is not so straightforward, it can be a diminutive of Erzsebet but also is used for Brigitta, Bernadett, Bettina, Beata, Berta, and Beatrix. Hope this helps!

Devon Smith

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