Re: Conflicting info on JOWBR at JewishGen Hungary database #hungary


there are many possible reasons for discrepancies, especially in transcribed=
records, no matter how hard we try to avoid errors. stuff happens. it's=
always best to look at the original documents, in this case the photo of=
the stone itself, if at all possible.

the picture of David Shlomo SCHWARTZ's stone offers very little additional=
information, but it does say that he was the son of Avraham (a"h). =
somebody seems to have entered it as spouse instead of father.

there is no picture for Aharon SCHWARTZ, 's date of death, so no idea where=
the 1905 comes from. it might be a misreading or a typo. you should try=
to get a picture.

tom klein, toronto wrote:


... but certain facts did not make
sense. I was hoping someone can explain:

1-David Shlomo Schwartz died at 55 (correct age) on 10
Tamuz 5671, which converts to July 6, 1911 (possible), but the details
say his =92??Spouse=92?? was =92??Abraham=92??! His spouse was my ggm=
Estica (Ester).
Why Abraham?

2-=92??Aharon Schwartz=92?? (Hebrew name, correct), =92??date 1=
(possible) and =92??father Dovid=92??. But then when I go into the details,=
says =92??28 Tamuz 5684=92?? which converts to 30 July 1924! Why 2 very
different dates, one in English, the other Hebrew?


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