New February Classes offered by JewishGen/Education #hungary

Nancy Holden

Open for Registration at JewishGen/Education

Basic 2: Search Strategies - Using Google for Genealogy
January 29 - February 11

JewishGen Education offers Free Value-Added 2 week workbook class
Free to contributors to General Fund in past 12 months
$18. for members who do not have value added status.

Independent Study February 9 - March 1.

If you have a research problem you would love to work on with
individualized instruction...set up you own project and spend 3 weeks
with a personal mentor. The instructor will analyze your data and help
you set goals and objectives for solutions and success.

Independent Study is a way to get a helping hand. We offer a wide
range of problem solving solutions: techniques and resources.

The JewishGen Forum is a private Internet site through JewishGen/
Education that offers open 24/7.

Course Description:
Tuition: $200.

Nancy Holden
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