death records from Maramures 19 or 20 June 1909 #hungary



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First I wanted to thank everybody for their help

May be you can help me again

I had a Grand mother named Chaje Frimet (daughter of Reb Naftuli Herz RUB)
Wieder wife of Reb David Hersh (Zvi) WIEDER.

They where the Grandparents of my Grand father Reb David Hersh (Zvi) WIEDER
(I am named after him)). Her Father Naftuli Herz RUB ben Reb Jona (passed
away Feb 5th 1867 in Mara and is buried there - he is in the register in
JewishGen and his Father Reb Jona the son of Naftuli (Hersh?) RUB is buried
in Desesti. He passed away Oktober 19th 1853 (this register is missing)

Her Tomb stone is in MARA (Cracesti-Kracsfalu-Kracsfalva) and on the stone
is written Chaje Frimet daughter of Reb Naftuli.

According to the Census of 1848 she is mentioned as 12 years old girl named
Frime daughter of Herz RUB.

According to Tombstone she passed away 19 or 20 Jun 1909 (1 Tamuz 5669) but
in the city hall, which is in the bordering village of Desessti there was no
Death registration of her for the village of Mara (previous
Cracesti-Kracsfalu-Kracsfalva) where she is buried.

She must have passed away in another place in Maramures and brought to be
buried in Mara.

If anybody has any death records of other villages >from this period (19 or
20 JUNE 1909) where she is mentioned please send them to me.

All the best and great thanks for all your help till now,

A happy Purim

David Zvi Wieder

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