Translation from German help #austria-czech

Joseph Lonstein

Hi everyone,

I received a copy of the 1929 Viennese probate record (Todfallsaufnahme) of
my great-grandfather, Ignacz KLEIN, and attached to it was a very surprising
correspondence. >from what I understand >from reading it, it seems that there
is a woman in Poland stating that she is the daughter of my ggf, and that
there are other relatives there who can attest to her relation. She's
claiming that my ggf, instead of dying a poor man as stated in his will, had
substantial money that she's claiming as her inheritance. The second letter
is the response >from the Viennese archives, which I think is stating who the
"real" family members are, and that there is no basis for her claim. My
German isn't good enough to understand the nuances of these letters, and if
anyone could help translate them, I'd be very appreciative. I wonder if
there really is any genealogical information there. Of course, I've never
heard that my ggf had any other wife than my great-grandmother (Regina
GRUNHUT) or any illegitimate children, but you never know. The letters are
on viewmate at:


Joe Lonstein
East Lansing, MI

PS - I recently received numerous Todfallsaufnahmen of family members who
died before the Shoah and are buried in Vienna. I kept putting it off
because I thought it would be a hassle to obtain them, but it was actually
simple, the archives sent one batch of them for free (the other set had an
invoice), and they've provided a wealth of new information. In fact, they
helped me find an entire new branch of my NEUMANN/POLLAK family here in the
States that I'd been unsuccessfully trying to find for years. Check the SIG
archives for how to obtain the records. I shouldn't have waited so long.

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