Weisz family from Szeged #hungary

Ruben Weiser

I am looking for any relatives or info about the family of Vilmos (Biniamin
Zev) Weisz (1873 - 1952) he lived in Szeged and had a very big shop in
Mikszath Kalman utca 15 or Mars Ter utca 17
He survived the war and died in Szeged in 1952 , he was married to Maria
Weisz died in Szeged in 1917
They had 3 childrens:
Imre (Itzchak) (1902-1944)
Klara born in Szeged in 1904 and died in Szeged in 1984
And Ibolya Rivka 1910 - 1944 married to Laslo Stern >from Kecskemet.

Any clues are welcome

Thanks a lot
Ruben Weiser
Buenos Aires

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