SEIDNER in Nograd and maybe Gyongyos #hungary


Hello friends -=20

My GGGgrandfather was Mor/Moses SEIDNER, born 1837 in Szirak, Nograd, and d=
ied 1902 in Budapest. In the death register, his father was named as Marton=
and his mother as Cili. On his gravestone in Salgotarjan, the Hebrew part =
shows his father as Meir - which could easily be Marton's Hebrew name - and=
there is no mention of his mother.

His wife, my GGGgrandmother was Maria Fany SEIDNER. She was born 1843 in Sa=
lgotarjan and died 1927 in Budapest. The death register names her parents a=
s Jacob SEIDNER and Etelka FLEISSIG. On her section of the shared graveston=
e, I learned >from the Hebrew engraving that her name was Miriam Rivka and t=
hat her parents were Yaakov (i.e. Jacob) and Yocheved. Here is where my qu=
estion comes in...

When I searched in our Hungarian databases for the surnames together of SEI=
DNER and FLEISSIG, up came a marriage record for a Rosalia SEIDNER (to BRAU=
N). While her name meant nothing to me at this point, her parents were Jaco=
b SEIDNER and Julia FLEISSIG - and she was living in Gyongyos, although bor=
n in Salgotarjan in about 1856. Whenever I had previously seen SEIDNERS in =
Gyongyos, I had pretty much dismissed them as I had thought there was no co=
nnection. But to see a Jacob SEIDNER married to a FLEISSIG - and "Julia" is=
closer to "Yocheved" than "Etelka" would have been - I am wondering if: a)=
perhaps the name Etelka written in the register was an error, and written =
by a witness who wasn't sure; b) this Jacob and Julia are "my" ancestors; a=
nd c) this Rosalia SEIDNER could be a much younger (by 13 years) sister of =
my Maria Fany [Miriam Rivka]. Then again, a lot of times, there were pairs =
of siblings or cousins marrying another pair of siblings or cousins, so the=
re are many name repetitions.

In short, if anyone has SEIDNERS or FLEISSIGS in their family, particularly=
ones hailing >from Nograd county or Gyongyos, please contact me privately a=
nd off-list if you think there may be a connection.

Many thanks!

Michele Sankar

Moderator: Please contact Michele off-list if you have information.

SEIDNER, FLEISSIG - Budapest, Salgotarjan=20
STERN - Obuda (wife, b. 1819)
GLO"CKNER - Budapest and Somogy megye
WEINBERGER - Baja, Budapest
STEIN - Baja
BECK - Agarev, Somogy

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