New material in the Hungarian Databases #hungary


I am happy to announce another large upload into the Hungarian Databases, over twenty thousand entries.  Most of it is part of the Arad project, some 14,000 entries for now, although there is more to come. A big thank you to the Arad transcribers, the most active contributor among them being Robi Koren. Much appreciated!
An update on Henry Wellisch's Nyitra project: unfortunately we have to wait a bit because some of the FS images are still not available online, thus hampering the proofing process. On the other hand we have now the Deaths segment of Henryâ??s Szekesfehervar project, uploaded and searchable. He is a very productive transcriber, working on several new projects. Thank you, Henry!

We also added new data >from Gyongyos, Szilagynagyfalu and Varmezo.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of the contributions of our H-SIG members. So many of you came forward with donations of privately transcribed material (including Slovakia, Serbia) which would not be obtainable otherwise. They are all in the process of being proofed and readied for inclusion into the Hungarian databases. But that does not diminish the importance of financial assistance. We need your donations because for example we just realized that there are missing segments >from our next big project, Nagyvarad, covering the years up to WWI. We would like to acquire those missing registers and we need your help to do so.Â

Sarah Feuerstein
Hungarian Vital Records Coordinator

Moderator: Sarah and her team of transcribers continue to do a marvelous job generating
records to grow the astounding JewishGen Hungary database. Your support with donations
of time and, of course, funds, is vital to continuing this important work.

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