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Dear Moishe, dear all,

Budapest had 14 districts until the end of 1949, that is when all the curre=
ntly existing 23 districts were set up incorporating former suburban towns.=

I think the street you meant is Hollo utca, between Kiraly and Dob utca. Th=
is area is district VI. currently. So you should check records for this dis=
If it does not work then check nearby VII. and if that does not have it, di=
stricts VIII. and IX. where most of the nearby hospitals were.

I hope it helps.


Karesz Vandor
genealogist/Historian/Private tour guide

Hungarian Roots
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Hello Fellow Researchers,

I understand that Family Search has death records online with digital image=
s for Budapest, well into the 20th century. I do not believe they are index=
ed. Budapest records seem to be divided among many districts.

My great-grandmother, Cirel Jurowicz, passed away 1 Sivan, 5693, which corr=
esponds to May 24/25, 1933. She lived on Holla Utza in the Jewish Quarter o=
f Budapest. It is right off Dob Utza which is the main street in that distr=
ict. Would anyone know which record group I would be paging through at Fami=
lySearch in order to locate her death record?

Thank you,

Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY

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