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As a general rule of thumb, most JEwish records (not all) start in 1851 onl=
y. Chances are close to 0 that the Szolyva-Nagybisztra rabbinate started re=
cording vital events before 1851. You should check with the archives in Uzh=


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Hello Fellow Researchers,

Based on the successful translation of my Viewmate 68618 (thanks for the mu=
ltiple posts and emails!), I have learned that my SALZBERGER ancestor that =
was living in Munkacz (Mukachevo, Ukraine today) in 1872 was originally fro=
m Paszika (possibly Pasika, Kishidveg), where she was born.

The details I now know are that my g-g-gm Toni (Toba Etel) Salzberger (marr=
ied as a widow to Israel Schwimmer in 1872 when she was 32) was the daughte=
r of Josef and Chaje Szure Salzberger. She was born about 1840 in Paszika.

Would anyone know if Jewish records exists for Paszika? In a prior email to=
me, Peter Absalon made reference to the 1877 Dvorzsak gazetteer which ment=
ioned the vital records for Paszika were archived in Szolyva. I would like =
to find:
* Toni's first marriage
* if records exist, an 1848 census record with her parents
* Toni's birth record >from 1840
* Toni's parent's marriage, presumably in the 1830's or earlier
* The death records of Josef Salzberger and Chaje Szure Salzberger, Toni's =
parents, probably sometime in the late 1800's

Can anyone share thoughts or ideas for further research on this matter?

(for your reference, the marriage record is at

Thank you!

Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY

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