List uf Bekescsa ba #hungary


Dear H-SIG-ers:
Earlier when visiting the commemoration in my hometown of Bekescsaba, I made a side trip to the county archive in Gyula there I transcribed >from the 1945-1951 register "halalesetfelveteli nyilvantartas" (death case register) the death declaration of Jews died in the times of the persecution. Later I added the names I found on-line in "Family Search" so in time I collected the names of some 800 Holocaust victims. Â As there is no Yizkor boo for Blekescsaba I think it might fit the Jewishgen Yizkor list criteria, even it is not taken >from an actual book or a publication.
The list I am offering H-SIG contains less than the half of the about 2000 victims of Bekescsaba, as I realized, several names are missing - even >from my relatives. For instance my uncle declared his wife dead, but not his 7 years old son Jozsef and his 3 Month old Peter. My surviving cousin. hasn't declared her father and mother, (may be some of you might has an answer for the reason, of the missing declarations.)

All the best
Gabor Hirsch

Moderator: I encourage Gabor and anyone else who comes across lists of Shoah victims
or survivors to contact Nolan Altman <>, who coordinates JewishGen's Holocaust database,
to contributing the information so it can be accessible to other researchers.

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