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Hello Amit:
Have you triedcontacting the Museum of Hungarian- Speaking Jewry in =
Zvat, Israel?
They have a huge collection of books. Even if they don't have a =
copy, they might know where you might be able to find one.


Catherine Adam
Toronto, Canada

Subject: An Excerpt >from A Book
From: amitna87@...
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2018 22:56:43 +0300
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I've been doing some renewed search on known family members, and found
out my grandmother's uncle appears on a book named:
A Magyarorszagi Symbolikus Nagyp=EF=BE=83=EF=BD=A5holy =
f=EF=BE=85?hat=EF=BE=83=EF=BD=B3s=EF=BE=83=EF=BD=A5ga alatt dolgoz=EF=BE=83=
szabadk=EF=BE=85?m=EF=BE=85=EF=BD=B9ves p=EF=BE=83=EF=BD=A5holyok =
tagjainak n=EF=BE=83=E9=9D=A9sora : Hivatalos kiad=EF=BE=83=EF=BD=A5s / =
kiadja a
magyar kir=EF=BE=83=EF=BD=A5lyi bel=EF=BE=83=E6=AE=80yminiszter. - =
Budapest : Magyar Kir=EF=BE=83=EF=BD=A5lyi =EF=BE=83=E3=80=95lami
Nyomda, 1920. -
Being in Israel I find it very hard to believe I will ever come across
a copy of that one. Is anyone on this group able to put a hand on this
book? I would appreciate the help. I am interested in an excerpt
regarding Dr. Istvan SPITZER >from Zombor/Sombor, which is supposed to
appear on page 215/263, not sure which or whether both.
I would appreciate any help.
Best regards,
Amit Naor
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