NAYOWITZ from Komorzan, WEISZ from Tekovo, STEINBERGER & HERSHKOWITZ from Adrian #hungary

Genealogy Researcher

I am researching the ancestors of Herman (Zvi Hersch) Nayowitz & his
wife Rana Steinberger.
I found the marriage record of Herman Nayowitz to Roza Steinberger
which took place on August 13 1897 in the town of Turulung.
Herman was born in August 1870 in the town of Komorzan, and his
parents were Mayer NAYOWITZ and Eszter WEISZ.
Roza Steinberger was born on May 20 1872 in the town of Adorjan
(Adrian) [today Livada] and her parents were Jakab STEINBERGER and Ida

I am trying to verify with accurate resources:
1) Who were the parents of Meir NAYOWITZ?
2) Who were the parents of Ester Nayowitz nee WEISZ which was born in
Tekovo (Tekehaze)?
3) Who were the parents of Yakov STEINBERGER?
4) Who were the parents of Ida Steinberger nee HERSHKOWITZ?

Looking forward to hear any information possible on any of these families.

Thank You!
Moses Adler

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