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I recently wrote to an Austrian genealogist with a specialty in the military archives, Johann Hammer, about attempting to locate the WW I military service record of my grandfather who was >from Szabadka Hungary (now Serbia.) I had heard all of the records were in the Austrian military Archives in Vienna. The genealogist wrote back.This is his response. Â
The Austrian War Archives hold personnel files only for soldiers who are born after 1865 in the territory of present-day Austria.
Files of soldiers born after 1865 outside the territory of present-day Austria remained in the successor states of the Monarchy. Unfortunately, most of those files were destroyed after WWI.

EErica Hahn

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To H-SIG members:
I am requesting help and resources that might help me uncover details
of my great-uncle's military service during WWI. I have no idea where
in the Austro-Hungarian Empire he may have served, but I know he was
living in Fiume (Rijeka) at the time of his conscription and served in
the army >from 1914-1919. I have been told by other family members that
he died in 1922 of wounds originally sustained in the war. I was
wondering if Austro-Hungarian military records >from that time and
place are available to researchers and if there may be hospital
records that were kept >from that period.

Thank you.
Rivka Horowitz
Connecticut, US

PS Many thanks to Traude Triebel for getting me started with

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