Re: Location name #hungary


The closest place name that i can think of is hatvan, in heves megye. (there are also 3 others, in somogy, szilagy and pest-pilis-solt-kiskun.) due to the listserve software, i cannot tell whether you intended to use an inverted exclamation mark (¥) in the place name, or whether that's just the way it is being displayed at my end - in either case, i don't know what that character might be.

i like to use the 1913 gazetteer of hungary at for looking up place names. it works well on partial character strings, and includes "greater hungary" (pre-trianon).

the best way to get help deciphering names/places is to post an image of the page on viewmate, if you can.

....... tom klein, toronto wrote:

A late XIX Century census page at
the Hungarian Jewish Museum archive, in Budapest, says that my
great-grandmother and her brothers and sisters were born in a location
written as "_¥van_". The archive staff was unable to understand which
location today it might be, nor whether it is the full name or the
abbreviation of a longer name. I turn to you, therefore, wondering
whether anybody can be of help. As far as I can find today, the only
Avan location existing is one district of Erevan (Armenia), but it seems
to me very unlikely that it might correspond to the location listed in
that census.

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