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A good resource for place names is, which has a searchable 1913 gazetteer of greater hungary. but i couldn't find anything for the search "e*ron".

you might want to post either a link to the documents, or upload them to viewmate.

.... tom klein, toronto

ewm44118@... wrote:

My wife's grandmother, Regina FRANK (ne Schwartz) was born in Egron, Hungary, according to her USA naturalization papers. Another document says her birthplace was Ebron. I can't find a record of the town under either spelling.

Can anyone suggest an accurate name for this town?

FWIW, her naturalization papers say that her husband, Samuel Frank, was=
born in Vydran, which we understand is now part of Medzilaborce, in=
northeastern Slovakia. However, family lore is that one or both was from=
Nyiregyhaza, Hungary.

Moderator: Check out to see places in Zemplen
megye where Medzilaborce was located. Place you are looking for might be Egres.

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