Croatian telephone directories now searchable #hungary

Logan Kleinwaks

The Library of Congress recently digitized eight Croatian telephone
directories and I have made these full-text searchable at

1953 Dalmatia Telephone Directory
1952 Dalmatia Telephone Directory
1956 Rijeka, Pula, and Surroundings Telephone Directory
1967 Slavonia Telephone Directory
1964 Zagreb Telephone District Directory
1959 Zagreb Telephone District Directory (Businesses)
1951 Zagreb Telephone District Directory
1948 Zagreb Telephone District Directory

Please note that the geographic scope of the directories "Zagreb
Telephone District Directory" and "Rijeka, Pula, and Surroundings
Telephone Directory" are much broader than their titles might suggest.
In general, if you find matches in these directories, do not ignore
them because you think your family is not >from near Zagreb, for
example, inspect every matching page to see what are the corresponding

Searches will include these and all 4,000+ other sources by default.
To restrict your searches to only Croatian sources, change the Any
Place option below the search box to Croatia. There are also several
pre-WWII directories with broad European coverage including Croatia,
which will be included if you instead change Any Place to
Multinational Other or Multinational Austria-Hungary+, but this is
recommended only if you are searching for a rare surname or if you are
searching for a surname and town name simultaneously (e.g., katz

Thanks very much to the Library of Congress for preserving these
directories and making the scans publicly available on their website.

Logan Kleinwaks
near Washington, D.C.

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