Commemoration 2019 #hungary


Dear all

In the Hungarian Jewish biweekly Uj Elet in the 15. April issue there are the first few commemoration date for some Hungarian communities published, later there might be some additions as well as changes.

Commemoration 2019
May 26.
Nagykanizsa 10.30 Synagogue
Baja 11.00 Ady Culture house
Paszto 11.00 Cemetery

June 2.
Barcs 10:00 Cemetery
Dcvecser 11.00 Cemetery
Kispest 11.00 Cemetery
Kiskunhalas 11.00Â Synagogue
Kecskemet 13.00Â Cemetery
Nagykata 10.30Â Cemetery
Mosonmagyarovar 13.00Â Cemetery

June 4.
Csenger 10:00Â Cemetery
Porcsalma 13:00Â Cemetery
Mateszalka 15:00 Cemetery

June 5.
Vac 10:00 Cemetery

Best regards
Gabor Hirsch

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