ViewMate # 73997 translation probably Slovak #hungary

Margarita Lacko

Dear H-siggers,

I have posted a telegram sent >from "Praha" to Mar del Plata (Buenos Aires,
Argentina) on 27 October 1945 addressed to my great-uncle Guillermo REICHT
(last name should be LEICHT).

I recognize most of the family names ? they are survivors of work camps and
concentration camps. This branch of my family lived in south Slovakia
(Somorja & Dunaszerdahely then in Hungary) and Gyor & Budapest. Why would
someone have sent the telegram >from Prague?

Unfortunately the telegram is not signed (Sin Firma) but the address
(erzebet krt 19) is where my REISZ relatives lived. I imagine that the wrong
spelling in a few names (rozi, reis, erzebet) might have been to minimize
letters and save some money.

I would greatly appreciate a translation of the two words after ?Telegramm?
(I don?t think these are names). And what do ?z? and ?v? mean?

It is on ViewMate #73997

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

Thank you,
Margarita Lacko

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