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David Lewin

I am totally ignorant of Hungarian research - may I have your guidance=

I am hoping to assemble the family tree of Dr=20
Imre KISFALUDI born 3 Jun 1897 in Komlosd, Somogy=20
Vm, Hungary who emigrated together with his wife=20
Magda nee WALLERSTEIN in Feb 1957 >from Hungary to the USA.

I am aware that many jews "hungarized" their name=20
after 1876. Imre was born in 1897, so I don=B4t=20
know whether his father had "hungarized" his name=20
and Imre was born already as a "Kisfaludi".

Imre had been a layer and academic, published a=20
book on the purchasing of apartments in Hungary.

How can I learn who the parents and siblings of Imre KISFALUDI were?

Thank you

David Lewin

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