Re: Copies of birth marriage death records #hungary


To expand just a little bit on the moderator's comment:

to access films such as lds #642727, you need to sign up (it's free) at that will give you access to the online facilities of the church of jesus christ (aka lds, latter day saints, or mormons), probably the largest collection of genealogical records in the world. they microfilmed a lot of the b/m/d records in greater hungary, and have now digitized much of their collection and put it online.

once logged in to, you can either search by name, or in this case, by film. in the upper right-hand corner there's a drop down menu that includes the option of searching the catalog, which in turn allows searching by place name, or film number. (sometimes film number can be confusing, in which case searching by town name works better.) the films that are available for viewing online display with a camera icon to the right. (some do not, either because they haven't been digitized yet, or because of legal restrictions on their distribution rights.)

when you open a film, it will display in a specialized viewer, which has single-frame and multiple-frame views, zoom, and the option to download pages. some films seem to not have the download feature available (possibly due to browser issues, or more legal snags). for those, you have to make do with what you see. (screen capture is good for easier reference.) once downloaded (or screen captured), you can save or print as required.

both jewishgen and familysearch have indices to the records, but i'm not sure whether they cover the same records, and in any event, there are lots of records that have not yet been indexed, and are only available by looking through the images. (in the case of my ancestral town of tiszaszentimre, there were several couples of childbearing age reproducing at about the same time, so it seems like every page has between one and four familiar names on it, and sometimes even two children in one family in the same year. flipping through those pages was quite rewarding.) and be prepared to do some slogging, as "films" can have many hundreds of page images.

good luck,

....... tom klein, toronto

afriedman21@... wrote:

I am new with the hungarian sig. Though the index, i have found
family several records that say the source is the slovak state archive
kosice and >from LDS (for example lds 642,727). How do i get a copy of
the original records?

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