MyHeritage DNA Study Reveals Hungary Has World's Second Largest Percentage of Population with Jewish (Ashkenazi) Ethnicity #hungary

Jan Meisels Allen

A new study MyHeritage DNA did with Dr. Daniel Staetsky, a statistician and
demographer uncovered the number of people descended >from Jewish ancestors
in Hungary is higher than other demographers have previously estimated.

The first study of its kind revealed that the country with the highest
proportion of Ashkenazi Jewish ethnicity after Israel was Hungary. It was
previously thought it was the United States. The study showed: After Israel,
the top countries in terms of significant Ashkenazi Jewish ethnicity were
Hungary and Russia, followed by Argentina, South Africa, Ukraine, and then
the USA. The analysis was a cohort of 1.8 million anonymized DNA tests
taken by MyHeritage customers worldwide. The study included 100 countries.

A much lower percentage of people in Hungary, who self-identify as being
Jews, is substantially lower compared with the DNA test-takers, even after
adjusting for a degree of selectivity of MyHeritage users (most educated and
well to do classes since commercial genetic testing which is more likely to
be used by those cohorts.) It is also assumed that more Hungarian Jews
assimilated into the local population before the Holocaust, more Hungarians
survived the Holocaust than Jews in Poland, and more Jews remained in
Hungary than in Poland following the Holocaust.

Jews have a long history in Hungary dating back to at least the early 13th
century. By the early 20th century Jews constituted 5 % of Hungary?s total
population and Jews comprised 23% of Budapest. (These are not MyHeritage?s
numbers.) By 1941, over 17% of Budapest?s Jews were Roman Catholic converts,
following coordinated pressure across Europe that began with the Spanish
Inquisition in the late 15th century. Over 560,000 Hungarian Jews were
murdered in Holocaust.

The MyHeritage study also revealed Russia having many more people with
Jewish ethnicity than demographers expected.

To read more including the percentages of population with Ashkenazi Jewish
ethnicity see:

Jan Meisels Allen
Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee

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