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Abauj-Torna 1848 census is at the State Archives in Kosice, Slovakia. I
think Peter Absolon took pictures of the actual pages.
I also have some of them that I took myself many years ago, but Bodollo is
not among them. However, I visited Bodollo this summer and have seen the
cemetery as well.

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I found an 1848 Hungarian census index record in the Hungarian SIG database=

for which I would like to get a copy of the original record. These are the=

index records for Aba=FAj-Torna and the film # was 48389. This isn't an FH=
film # so I'm guessing it's >from the Hungarian National Archives. But, I
don't see anything mentioned about Aba=FAj-Torna in the database notes. Th=
SIG Discussion Group Archive database wasn't available today, so I couldn't=

see if this question has already been asked.

What is the source of these Aba=FAj-Torna and does anyone know how I might =
a copy of the original records? I'm specifically looking for Nagybodoll=F3,=

Aba=FAj-Torna, household 7, Farkas Guttman.


Risa Daitzman Heywood
Denver, Colorado

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