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These are unit numbers of the labor companies (unarmed units) of the Hungar=
ian Armed Forces and as such, they have nothing to do with the Germans or I=
TS. Their records can be found, in fragments at the Hungarian Military Hist=
ory Institute and Museum in Budapest. However, most of the actual records h=
ave been scrapped/intentionally destroyed in 1945.


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I am attempting to put more details to information received via the Arolsen=
The purpose is to assist a cousin in understanding his Hungarian Father's h=
istory as a forced laborer.

One of the documents received calls out his transfer in April 1941 to "Ungv=
ar, Arbeitskomp. 108/58" and then goes on to show where he ??served"
Since I assume that ??Arbeitskomp ?? means Arbeitskompanie, which translat=
es roughly to Work Regiment, I also assume that Uncle Alex was in Regiment =

Knowing that the Nazis kept prodigious details, I assume that there is info=
rmation regarding specific forced work regiments.
Unfortunately I have yet to locate anything online that helps me further.

Can anyone provide some direction regarding details, German or English, abo=
ut this topic. Online?, Books?, University Thesis?, etc.

Thank you

Alex Magocsi
Researching: Magocsi, Grosz, Greif

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