locating MALEK birth records from Sighet #hungary


my great grandfather and his siblings were born in Sighet during ~1900-1910.
i was able to find several of the siblings but not all.
on Maramaros project page (
https://www.jewishgen.org/databases/Hungary/Maramaros.htm ) i saw that
the book that should hold their birth records have been indexed (
Register Book #282-A ).. but i can't find my great grandfather or his
any thoughs?

i also tried searching with parents names
father: Izsak/issac Fischler(sometimes was miss spelled as Fischer)
mother: Yda/Ida Malek
*probably it was illegal marriage as all their children got the
mother's surname, Malek.

looking records of:
Lazar Malek - born 26th of June 1902
Ghizella Malek - 28th of Dec' 1900
Blanka Malek - ~1898-1906
Regina/Reghina Malek - ~1901

saw on JewishGen the records for; Herman Moshe, Mano Mandel, Chaya
Blanka and Avarham Haim.


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