Re: Mark Rubovits and Mark Fabian #hungary


although most of the marriage/birth records that i have looked at have been of people in their 20s, at least, i did come across a notarial record in the budapest archives, of a marriage contract where the father was the legal representative for his underage daughter. (the record hasn't been digitized, so i can only see the catalogue entry online.)

what was the legal age of majority around 1890? i know that, anecdotally, some people married very young by our standards, but how many really young marriages have y'all seen in the records? and was it always a case of a young bride, or were some of the grooms also very young?

....... tom klein, toronto

ps. i would love to help with looking up Mark Rubovits' birth, but the accented letters in the town name make it indecipherable.

efrati345@... wrote:

[snip!] ...1895, when he got married and probably left. This is my great
grandfather - and in 1895 - my grandmother Laura Lea Fabian was 13. [snip!]

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