Mark rubovits and Mark Fabian - thanks and more questions #hungary

אפרת גולדיטש

Hi everybody!
first of all, I want to thank everyone who answered, I endeavored to
return to each one personally.The good will and help here is amazing.
Some of you sent me the birth certificate of Mark Robovits and even a
marriage document of my great grandfather Rabbi Mordechai Dov Katz
Fabian >from 1856 - called Mark Fabian with Esther nee Adler and other
documents. Most importantly, you taught me how to get to those
documents that don't have an index yet.
Questions that arose and I would love to hear your thoughts: A few
years ago I have got help >from a researcher to learn about my family
in Baja and he passed me information >from the District Archives that
my grandmother Leah Laura Fabian passed away at the age of 42 in Baja
on January 16, 1924 and left 16 children >from the age of 19 to five
months (the baby is my mother and she was adopted afterwards) came
from Hercegsz=C3=B3 . But Mark Robovits's birth document states that she
was born in petervasar. In a quote I found in the Hungarian jewish
newspaper,it was writtem of her father who was a rabbi in Petervasar
until he married in 1895 - probably a second marriage. But I have not
found in the meantime - no birth record of grandmother Laura Fabian
and no marriage record with my grandfather Mor Moshe Robowitz, so it
may be that I came across the correct Fabian family, but perhaps - as
in the Robovits family there are several Moshe Robovits - my
ggrandfather may be another Mark Fabian , a cousin maybe. Although on
Grandma Laura's tombstone (we were able to find her this year visiting
Baja - according to an old photo we had), it's written Harav Morenu-
and it's suitable to this Mark Fabian whose marriage record is also
written as a rabbi, but is not yet complete proof.
And even if the family identification is correct, how do I reconcile
the conflict between the two places of origin, perhaps with the second
marriagethey left to Hercegsz=C3=A1nt=C3=B3 and my grandmother who was prob=
only 13 years old moved there with her father?

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