Saraspatak and Budapest cemeteries, responses to Richard Sobel's postiny #hungary

Jake Jacobs

This message is >from Richard Sobel <>, who tried to post this message to the list and failed. He asked me to try.

A 2nd cousin recently visited Sarospatak where our grandparents came from, and tried to get into the Jewish cemetery but it was locked, and he was told there is no caretaker. Yet he took pictures over the wall and it seems better cared for (grass relatively short) than when I visited many years ago. Does anyone know anything about the cemetery there, e.g. A list of burials, caretaker, etc.? Also does anyone know if there are any Jews left there, and have any contacts? By the way, the Synagogue is a computer store but has a picture of the Synagogue on the front.
Also, the cousin and a Hungarian cousin visited the Budapest cemetery, and the found the graves of the brother of our grandparents who stayed when the rest of the family came to the US. (See "Abris Survived," Avotaynu, Winter 2009). Does anyone know anything about the Budapest cemetery or have contacts there? R

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