Re: Russian POWs from Hungarian Labor Service #hungary


i don't know of many sources of information about the kmsz battalions, but there is
a website in israel with a searchable database, <>, and there
used to be a hungarian site,,which seemed to incorporate hungarian
military records as well as russian records of the pows. (you could tell because the
records were coded with little icons.)i found records for my father and uncle in "hirek
az elhurcoltakrol", both of whom returned >from russia. (only a few years after the
war ended...) but other than that, i have very little documentation of 8 years of his
life (2 years conscripted regular army, and 6 years combined mksz + pow).

what little i know, >from my father's anecdotes, is that he was better off as a pow, and
for the most part, he wasn't in the worst places, but he was still lucky to come out

....... tom klein, toronto wrote:

Randolph Braham"s seminal work on the Hungarian Labor service says many jewish
HLS conscripts were taken as prisoners of war following the battle near Voronezh
in January 1943. Are there any records of these prisoners, after they were captured
by Russia? My great uncle was in this group. His name was Imre Laszlo Havas, born
1910 in Bekes He was in the VI Battalion >from Puspokladany. The battalion's last
recorded location was Saguny, now in Ukraine There are a few Jewish graves here,
from this battle My great-uncle is not among them.

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