Re: Where In The World Is Berchsas Techec? #hungary


I think 'techec" just is a bad spelling of Czech.

Larry Bassist

On October 8, 2019 at 8:41 AM "Thomas Klein" <> wrote:

the spelling is absolutely not hungarian. but it sounds like a phonetic
transcription of "beregszasz", so you might want to start >from there. "techec"
might be the slovak or czech name, but i don't speak those languages, and i couldn't
find anything similar in the gazetteer on

....... tom klein, toronto wrote:

[snip!] Their family considers themselves Hungarian.
I'm not finding any reference to this place name BERCHSAS TECHEC
anywhere, which seems odd.
I've copied the text below >from the original birth record and have
tried to check Hungarian, Czech and Slovak sources.
The only reference I found is in a book about Hungary in Italian >from 1687!
If anyone has any ideas, leads, suggestions I (and my forlorn
neighbor) would be grateful as I am stumped.

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