Re: Reviews of visits to Hungarian and Transylvanian Cemeteries #hungary


that's great, but is there any way to update the information on jewishgen? there is jowbr, and, i think, some older infofiles as well. if i were looking to visit these cemeteries, i'd be more likely to search the website than to look through the h-sig discussion group for updates.

....... tom klein, toronto

michael_perl9@... wrote:

I visited a number of towns and cities in Eastern Hungary and Transylvania
over the last month. I wrote updates/reviews for IAJGS but thought it would
be of interest to the list as well. In many cases, the location descriptions
available >from Mazsihisz or Fedrom are inaccurate or incomplete and I have given more specific locations.
I also visited Debrecen and Szekesfehervar but have nothing to add to what
is already known.

Please scroll down to read the towns of interest.


Arad Old Neolog
Baia Mare / Nagybanya
Carei / Nagykaroly
Cermei / Cselmo
Chisieneu Cris / Kisjeno
Mediesu Aurit / Aranyosmeggyes
Pincota/Pancota, Arad County
Seini / Szinervaralja
Vanatori / Vadasz, Arad County

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