Mauthausen Transport List #hungary

Vivian Kahn

As I mentioned in a recent message, Peter Lande at the US Holocaust =
Memorial Museum has come across a list of 1944 transports >from Auschwitz =
to Mauthausen. He is going to make lists available to JewishGen to =
transcribe so the names can be added to the Holocaust database. The =
names are primarily Hungarian but include some Polish prisoners as well. =
Nolan and I reviewed a few pages and they appear to be relatively =
legible. Except for the occupations, which are in German, the list =
should be easy for anyone who has some familiarity with Hungarian =
personal and place names. We will provide a template and translation =
guide for the occupations (e.g. schneider = tailor, arbeiter, =
worker, schuster = cobbler, etc.). If you are interested in =
volunteering, please contact me off list and Nolan and I will get you =

Thanks are, of course, again due to Peter, who is always on the lookout =
for resources likely to be of interest and use to JewishGen researchers.

Vivian Kahn, Oakland, California
Hungarian Research Director=

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