LOFFLER, SURAN and HECHT from Slovakia enquiry #hungary


Dear fellow researchers,
Recently I have found out >from the very helpful Romana Luchavová >from the
State Archives in Trnava,
that my great uncle William LOFFLER >from Trnava was married to Gizella
SURAN (Born 1879).
I also received >from the archives a confirmation to an enquiry I have
posted here weeks ago, that William indeed had a son Artur LOFFLER.
The Trnava archives also found that Artur was married to Livia HECHT born
24.11.1927 in Komárno, died 2003 in Bratislava.
I couldn't find any further information about Gizella SURAN or Livia HECHT
anywhere (JewishGen, Ancestry, Family Search etc.)
I wrote to the Komárno archives and still waiting for their reply.
I wonder if any of you know about the SURAN family, possibly >from Trnava,
and the HECHT family probably >from Komárno.

Melbourne Australia

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