BAUCHMANN family of Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, Austria - ViewMate 75664 #hungary

Selma Sheridan

Dear researchers,

Thanks to the translation >from Hungarian into English by a wonderful
JewishGen volunteer, - see ViewMate 75664, - a family mystery may be closer
to a solution, with your help. Here is the story.

The parents of my paternal grandmother, Jocheved BEITEL / BEUTEL r.
BAUCHMANN (born Potok Zloty, 1881), were Hersch BEUTEL (born Skalat, 1852)
and Chave BAUCHMANN (place and birth date unknown). My father said that
Hersch BEUTEL had two wives, but he did not know any details about the wife
unrelated to his mother, not even her name.

My father and his mother travelled by train around 1915-18 >from Vienna where
they lived, to visit his mother's relative and "Onkel CENNOVER", - as my
father spelled it, - who lived in Budapest. So I assumed that the wife of
Uncle CENNOVER was a sister of his mother, with the maiden name BEUTEL /
BEITEL r. BAUCHMANN, or variants.

The CENNOVER / CYNOWER family of Budapest had three daughters, whom my
father remembered, and I found the birth record of eldest daughter, Ilona
CYNOWER. The other two daughters were Sara and Anna. Appended to Ilona's
birth record was the marriage record of Ilona's parents. Ilona's mother was
not my father's aunt, not a child of Hersch BEUTEL or of Chave BAUCHMANN,
but a child of Izsak Bar BAUCHMANN and Dina BAUCHMANN (maiden name not
listed), - neither of whose names was ever mentioned by my father.

How did Izsak Bar BAUCHMANN acquire his family name? - was he a son of Chave
BAUCHMANN with Hersch BEUTEL or with another man; or a son of a relative of
Chave BAUCHMANN? Who was Dina BAUCHMANN? - a daughter of Chave BAUCHMANN
with Hersch BEUTEL; or unrelated to the BAUCHMANN family name except by
marriage? Or were Izsak Bar and Dina BAUCHMANN cousins? I have been unable
to learn more about the relationship of Ilona's mother's parents to my
father's mother. Any suggestions regarding finding documents to clarify
this - in Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, or Austria, - would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,
Selma Sheridan
Oswego NY USA

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