Szeged, Hungary Deportation "Survivors"? #hungary


I just spotted a couple of family names in this database on JewishGen, but one of the family members is someone who, according ro another source, was deported >from the Szeged brick factory to Auschwicz on June 25, 1944 and "nem tert vissza" (did not return). Not really surprising -- she was 83 at the time of deportation -- but it makes me wonder what "survivors" means in this title.

Does anybody know anything more about this source? My original source was Ferenc Kanyo's World War II Heroes and Victims of Szeged and Its Surroundings (Szeged es kornyeke masodik vilaghaborus hosei es aldozatai), found on

I don't mean to disparage JewishGen's source -- it found me some other members of the family that I had not found before -- but I'm just trying to understand what this source is saying.

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