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Yes I have checked the Maramaros birth, death and marriage records >from Hungary, Romania and Ukraine.
I originally found their names on the marriage registry for my grandfather in another county. Then I found the births of all their children on the Romanian site on Jewishgen.
The birth town had 2 old names, Repedea, then Ruskivira, in Hungary and now it is Ruscova in Romania. These records pop up when I enter their names and no others. I am stuck.
Any ideas ?
Debbie Brown
BRAUN, Tuszer JAKOBOVITS, Mandok and Ruscova KLEIN, Nyirbakta and Mandok
GROZ, Tuszer WEIMAN, Nyirbakta
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Subject: Jakobovits marriage certificate
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Hi Siggers,

I am searching for the marriage certificate/record for my ggf Elya Jakobovits to my ggm
Keila Jakobovits. I found their names on the marriage registry of my maternal gf and gm.
I believe my ggmâ??s maiden name is the same as her married name. The birth records for Elya
and Keilaâ??s children begin in 1879 in Ruscova, Hungary, now Romania. While I donâ??t know where they got married or where they are >from I assume they married within 2 years of the first birth., between 1876-1878. I canâ??t seem to find records prior to those years.

Any help or guidance would be appreciated.
Debbie Brown

Moderator: Have you checked the Maramaros Records in the JewishGen Hungary database?

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