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Family legend is that my great grandparents were married in England and came
to New Orleans, Lousiana in 1858.

Joseph Isaac BARNETT was born in Golub, Prussia in 1832. His original
surname was OPCHITSKY. I do not know when he changed his name. I am told
he went to Oxford, married in England and came to New Orleans.

Hannah Pauline GOLDSTEIN was born in Russia Poland in 1840. Her original
surname was KUSHNEVICH. She was living with her aunt (whose name I don't
know) in England (where in England I don't know) when she and Joseph Isaac
Barnett were married.

They sailed >from Liverpool, husband and wife, on January 18, 1858.

My current thinking is that they were in the area of Oxford, England. But I
am not certain of that.

I have researched them >from their sailing >from Liverpool onward. I believe
I have every possible document I can obtain in the US and now I am trying to
see what more I can find of their time in England.

Ellen Barnett Cleary
Kenner Louisiana

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