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Here are the family members I'm looking for.:

Fanny COLLINER who died July 25, 1891 at 2 Bell Lane, Spitalfields,
Whitechapel.Her deceased husband spelled the name KALINA.

Their offspring were:

Rochelea (Solomon) CHANOVER, and her children Surcha, Shaina Bruicha
(Jennie), Tilly (Toba) , Katie Anna

Chia (Philip) SASOFSKY whose children were A.J. Stanley, Harry Stanley,
Annie (MOSS)

Dora (Elias) LIPSKY - Fannie, Carrie, Abe, Jack and Ben

Morris KALINA/COLLINER/COLLINS - Albert, Sam, Lennie, Bennie, Hannah (aka

Eva (Alec) SNELWAR/LIPSKI - Betty, Corrie, Alf, Morrie, Stanley, Sarah and

Eva Snelwar LIPSKI died in 1952 in Chester County, sub district of Sale.
She lived at 26 Sundown Drive.

If you have any information on any of these relatives I'd be glad to hear
from you.
Jackie Schwartz
Santa Ana, California

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