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annette reilly


I am currently looking for the following names in both
the north and the south of England!

REUBEN (all spellings) Mile End, Bethnal Green, St
George in the East, and Manchester (Crumpsal) The main
occupation was a Tailor.

WEINER, Fulham, Chelsea, Eastbourne, Manchester
(Crumpsal) Occupation of Cigarette maker.

ISAACSON (all spellings) Places as Reuben.

LEVIN, Places as Weiner.

Many Thank

Annette Reilly

REUBEN (All spellings)= Latvia, Whitechapel,Hackney (London)
ISAACSON = Kuldiga (Latvia), Whitechapel,Hackney (London)
WEINER = Krakow, South Africa, Eastbourne, Chelsea (London)
LEVIN = Eastbourne, Chelsea (London)

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