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<< I have a problem, my G grandfather's marriage is all in Hebrew, can anyone
translate it for me please?
The names have been written in English by the Archivist, but I would like to
know what the whole document says.
Let me know privately and I'll send it in an attachment.
Thanking you in anticipation. >>

==It's probably not in Hebrew but in Aramaic, using the Hebrew Alefbet. It
will start off with the date (in Hebrew) list the groom and the bride and
their patronymic, and declare that the groom promises bride money in the sum
of 100 zuzim ass stipulated, and another 100 as a bonus--but only if she's a
virgin. A widow and a divorcee get only half that. He promises to feed and
support her, clothe and house her and pleasure her sexually. He states that
his stipulated obligations to his wife in case of his premature death, or
their divorce, takes precedence over all other obligations, including "the
shirt off my back."

The ketubah is more or less standard everywhere.

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