HO Papers from PRO #unitedkingdom


Some time ago, I sent off my 10 pounds to get an estimate of the costs to have copies of my grandfather's immigration file (pre 1920) sent to me. This was done using the PRO's website. Although the payment went through my credit card, the PRO did not have a record of the order. After we got that straightened out, I was advised by a very nice lady that she had retrieved the file, which contained 1941 documents and was not related to immigration at all.

The HO Paper number I gave her was 215,214. The records she obtained were 215/214. I had pointed this out but she decided to send me a sample of the 215/214 documents anyway (at no cost to me).

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I should proceed to try to get the correct file?

Many thanks, in advance.

Jonny Joseph
Los Angeles, CA

KATZ (Bialystok)
ROZMAN (Palestine)

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