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I have quoted, with the kind permission of editor Gary Mokotoff, part of
the second special edition of Nu? What's News? News About Jewish
Genealogy >from Avotaynu. (

The Latest Status of the Stephen Morse Site
Here is the latest status of the Stephen Morse portal to the Ellis
Island data base.

The Statue of Liberty Ellis Island Foundation wants Steve to sign an
agreement that defines the relationship between him and SLEIF. Steve's
attitude is that he provided the site as a public service for no
personal gain and, if it requires a contract to have his site on the
Internet, it isn't worth the hassle. So he wants out. That's the bad

The good news is that I have excellent rapport with the Ellis Island
people and have been discussing with them placing the Morse
functionality on the Avotaynu site. Steve has given me permission to use
his handiwork.

I am a business man. I don't mind hassles. I don't mind contracts, I
don't mind lawyers (in fact one of my best daughters is a lawyer).

As of this moment, the main function page is available for use by the
public at my company's site, http:/ I am
looking into the possibility of including the Missing Manifests function

As to the so-called Jewish site, it is more likely that SLEIF, rather
than Avotaynu, will implement its functionality. Personally, I do not
want to get involved with this component; >from its very beginning I
questioned its propriety. In order for it to work, someone had to
download >from the EI database the Hebrew portion of the file of 23
million immigrants--clearly done without the permission of SLEIF--and
place it on a computer where the data could be massaged. I do not know
whether that is legal or not, but as a person in the publishing business
who takes very seriously the question of copyright and other matters of
ownership, it is not something in which I want to get involved.

The Jewish site has served a very valuable purpose. It has awakened the
Ellis Island people to the fact that there is a lot more functionality
that can be put into their system. The fact that they are willing to
make the so-called Jewish site available as part of their system means
that any immigrant--not just Jewish--will be capable of being searched
by town and other enhancements of the Morse Jewish site.


Louise Messik
London, England

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