Re: Difficult research problem in London #unitedkingdom

Sophia Hallan <sophia_hallan@...>

Dear Linda,

If your relative was in London between 1888 and 1903
then you could try using the on-line version of the
England and Wales 1901 Census Test Site at I have had some success
locating relatives when we were not sure where they
were at at around this time.

It is fairly self explanatory and you can pay for full
details and printouts using a credit card. The only
draw back if you are in the USA is that it is only
active >from 09h00-17h00 UK time though 7 days a week.

Best of Luck

Sophia Hallan


KAZANSKY/KHAZANSKY/KAZAN: Sirotino nr Vitebsk -> Lake
Houleh & Jerusalem, Palestine -> London, Manchester &
Liverpool, UK [-> USA].

ELBERG: Sokolow, Bialystok & Krakow, Poland -> London,
Manchester & Liverpool, UK.

HYMAN/HEIMAN: 1840's Central Europe -> London,
Manchester, UK.

COHEN (HaCohen): 1840's Central Europe -> London,
Manchester, UK.

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