Re: Difficult Research Problems in London #unitedkingdom

SHEILA TOFFELL <toffell@...>

Yes, I have also had a problem. I know my paternal grandparents were living
in the UK, had a young child, and also 2 boys >from my GF's first marriage. I
have been unable to find any listings.
I have tried going in with all known versions of my GM's name, as nothing
came up for my GF. The only hit, admittedly with the possibly right names of
mother and child, was with a father's name of Samuel, aged 28. Unfortunatly,
my GF was Isaac, and was in his mid to late 30's at the time, and the
address was not in the same part of the East End that my father knew they
lived in. There is no record of the 2 boys, one of whom was 10 at that time.
Luckily I am going to London next week, and will go to the Family records
office to find some hard data vital records, and will then proceed from

Sheila Toffell
Glen Rock NJ
Researching >from the Ukraine: BRESHENEV (>from Kirovograd / Elisavetograd),
KARSUNSKY or KORSUNSKY or KORSINSKY or Kosanski( Stavische / Tarasche)
from Poland: Lakumski (Skulsk), Rachvelski ( skulsk/ Slescin, Kolo, area),
Toffell (Josefow nad Wisla, Opole Lubielski)

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