Last seen in the 1901 census #unitedkingdom

IsraelP <zach4v6@...>

The 1901 UK census lists thirteen year old Jacob Pickholtz, a Russian subject
ands a student at the Hayes Industrial School. The parents do not seem to be in
the census and I presume that they were in Europe.

We know absolutely nothing about this young man - not who his parents were and
not what became of him. The census tells us nothing else, save that he suffered
from epilepsy >from birth. Furthermore, we have no record of any Pikholz
descendant (much less with the name itself) in UK other than one refugee >from
Vienna shortly before WWII.

Harold Pollins told me that the records >from the Hayes Industrial School were
held by the Finnart House School Trust, but they told me that any records they had
are now with the London Metropolitan Archives. The LMA advises that for that
period they have nothing at all on the Hayes Industrial School and that the annual
reports they have (>from 1902) do not have students' records.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I might find out more about this young man?
Either his parents or what became of him?

Israel Pickholtz
Elazar, Gush Etzion

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