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SKerlin882@... writes:
this reminded me of the history of this band called "defiance" by nehama tec.
Dear Dr. Goldblat,

I enjoyed your review of Tec's book. The author has written other works
including an "autobiography"about her own life including living as a
converted Christian. ("sounds like our Secretary of State Madeline Albright").

What moved me about the book is that these stories are finally coming out
to the general public so that we can learn the truth. Her book is well
documented with extensive footnotes.

There are so many other remarkable stories which people including my own
older relatives have refused to believe. For example, my own cousin lived
in the fields outside of Pinsk. One of the relatives of the President
Weizman's family (the Chemerinski's) lived in the forest in Belarus as
well. When the war with Germans ended, he came out of the woods only to
be killed by the local populace.

I have attempted to contact Professor Tec to present her with some of these
stories but did not have any response. In addition, I have presented some
of the materials that I have on my own family to the Clark University

Stephen Kerlin,AICP

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Stephen, if the contents of materials that you presented
to Clark University might be of general interest to members of the Belarus
SIG, I hope you will make an effort to provide this data to the SIG
webmaster and/or the SIG newsletter editor.

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