Spy hysteria in Britain - 2nd world war #unitedkingdom

Naidia Woolf <rnwoolf@...>

This inquiry isn't directly related to Jewish Genealogy, however, I thought
it might be of general interest (or concern) to those who lived through the
2nd World War. In a recent drama on American TV (originally aired on
British TV), one of the characters was a child who had been evacuated from
the East End of London to the country at the outbreak of war. In a closing
scene, shops in the East End owned by Italian immigrants were burned. This
presumably took place during the height of the "spy hysteria" which swept
England. As a former child evacuee, I had first-hand knowledge of the mass
evacuation. I also done considerable research into the internment of
so-called "enemy aliens" (including long-term resident Italians), however,
I'd never heard that any of the Italian-businesses being attacked. Did this
indeed take place?

Would be interested in getting people's reaction to this.

Naidia Woolf

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