Issy Smith VC #unitedkingdom

Harold Pollins <snillop@...>

Issy Smith was the second Jewish soldier in WWI to be awarded, in 1915, the
Victoria Cross. In the Jewish Chronicle of 8 October 1915 there is a report
of meetings at which he spoke At one meeting, the report states: 'In the
course of
his reply the Corporal stated that two of his brothers had fallen in the
His real name was Shmulovitch but there is no record in the Commonwealth War
Graves Commission of any such
soldiers with that name. If they used the name Smith then there is little
chance of tracing
them. The CWGC records some 2000 men named Smith who fell in 1914 and 1915.
I wonder if anyone has any knowledge of Issy Smith's brothers.

Harold Pollins

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