FRIEND family at Church Street and/or Bethnal Green Road, London East End #unitedkingdom

Jocelyn Keene

In my family tree I have Morris FRIEND who lived at 6 Bethnal Green
Road, Holywell, Shoreditch, about 1876-1879, as indicated on birth
certificates and Jews Free School records. In Jul 1879 - 1881, he lived
at 6 Church Street, Holywell, Shoreditch, as shown in birth
certificates and the 1881 census. In Nov 1887 he lived at 96 Bethnal
Green Road, Bethnal Green for the birth of my grandmother-in-law, Ethel
Nellie FRIEND, and in 1889 his youngest child, Eleazer Edwin FRIEND,
was born at 96 Church Street, Bethnal Green. This particular family
moved often. But given the coincidences of the street names of these
last four addreses, is it possible that Church Street was the same as
Bethnal Green Road? If that were the case, they would have moved less
than it otherwise seems. Suggestions are welcome.

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